December 16, 2018

How To Increase Sales Page Conversions

Want to know how to double your sales with just a few website optimisations?

The truth is that there is no single way to improve sales page conversions – it’s just not that simple. To start with, you must first ensure you have sales pages that tick all the right boxes for the product or service you are promoting in order to improve results. Your potential customers want persuasive sales copy, customer reviews, testimonials and anything else relevant to your product or service.

Secondly, look at how you drive traffic to the page for an initial and follow-up visit. You should think in terms of a sales and marketing funnel to expose potential customers to different forms of marketing to help build confidence and trust in your product or service.

Check out the following five tactics from our conversion rate optimisation playbook at Lexa Digital:

1. Traffic Quality 

The quality of traffic sent to the page should have a strong association with the results. If your visitors come from poorly targeted ads then your conversion optimisation will be a struggle from the start. Your site could have hundreds or thousands of visitors, but if they are just looking at a page or two and leaving, then what’s the point? You want to be attracting visitors who are going to stick around, peruse the content for awhile, and maybe even fill out a form or place an order. If your traffic is highly relevant and primed to buy, then everything will fall into place easier.

2. Value 

Everything starts here, and you need to understand your customer. Try to really understand the pains, potential gains and jobs a potential customer can find easier with your product or service. If you know their struggles and clearly explain how your product helps solve these problems to help them achieve their goals, then you are on the right track. If you sell the same products as many other people, include information on why people should buy from you and not your competitors. Are you an industry leader? Have you won awards? Are people raving about your services? If you can convince people that you are the best, then you’re likely going to increase conversions.

3. Bring People Back 

All is not lost if someone has viewed the page and left, but if you continue to convince them, they may well come back and buy. Remarketing is your friend and driving further visits and engagement with content and ads pushing the benefits (value) will increase your conversion rates over time. It is essential to also build trust with your audience, so you can try putting a face to your business online. You could even add a video where you show the people in your company or have them demonstrating the products or services you offer. Pages with video convert 5 times higher than those that don’t.

4. Micro Conversions 

Maybe you can’t make the sale initially, but you can offer some form of a download or other service that you can exchange for an email address. This in turn will add to your customer database and can be utilised for any email campaigns you might run in the future. Micro conversions give you an insight into what users are most interested in. If there are micro conversion rates that hit the roof, you know that these are some of the best areas for conversion potential and you can target your audience through more effective traffic quality.

5. A/B Testing

Experimenting with different headlines, content, calls to action and design features can all have positive results. Free tools like Google Optimise can help you if you’re not sure where to start. We recommend making substantial changes to the page, as the bigger the changes, the easier it will be to have a significant test. If you conduct several split tests, your conversation rate will increase. A/B testing should be ongoing with at least a master page and one or more variations being tested to constantly test and improve results over time.

The important thing to remember is that each product, service, marketplace, and the customer is different – so you should work with this mindset of constant improvement. This is how you will boost your leads and ultimately gain more sales.

So that’s the “bigger picture” framework we follow in order to get people to your website. Now let’s look at some important on-page strategies that you can adapt in order to keep them there, or even better, to buy from you!


Keep your sales page short, sweet, and to the point. Remember, most of your potential clients will be using a mobile device so make sure your website is mobile optimised. Make your copy very clear and concise with emphasis on the benefits and what problems your offer solves. Your offer is taking the visitor from where they are now to where they want to be by purchasing your product or service.


It’s better to provide a user with other options if they are not ready to make a purchase right away. Talk to them through some informational content, such as reviews from your other happy customers, videos or posts where it’s clear how your product helps to solve the user’s problem.

Call to Action 

Pay close attention to where you allocate a CTA button. Don’t overdo it but do add it where applicable within the page. While a simple ‘Contact Us’ can sometimes do the trick, more appealing options that are in line with the rest of the content will get your service page more conversions. Lastly, make sure your CTA button is in a different colour than other colours used on the page. You want that button to stand out amongst all the other design elements and the readers’ eyes to be drawn toward it.

So, there’s a good starting point for your new business venture. If you follow these tips and tricks then you’re sure to be on the right track to success. Remember - a sales page that is structured well, engaging, and easy on the eyes with clear calls to action and strategically crafted content is going to convert more of your existing traffic into buyers!

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